Why choose HIIT?

So what are the benefits for HIIT and why should you choose to add it to your exercise regime?

It is rapid - and convenient...

HIIT can be really effective even in just 15 minutes. I usually recommend people mixing up their session time frames between 15 – 30 minutes pending on their training plan. You can literally do HIIT anywhere and , as most of the moves are body weight only – no need to carry equipment everywhere with you! 

It is suitable for all levels and abilities...

HIIT is High intensity Interval training. That means pushing our heart rate up and then interspersing short rest periods. This DOESN’T have to mean… “BURPEE – SQUAT – SPRINT – JUMP” this could mean walking 100m quickly and then walking back slowly or swimming a length in a pool as fast as you can and then gently returning to the start. The same with a bike or in the gym with weights. The principle is what is important but you have to start at a level that works for you. All of the workouts we do can be done at a beginner level and developed!  


One of the reasons I LOVE HIIT is the clever way it encourages our body to continue to burn calories even after we have finished working out. This is through EPOC which stands for excess post-exercise oxygen – you can read more about this here. The basic premise is that we have a substantial oxygen debt in our bodies after completing an exercise like HIIT. Therefore our bodies release fatty acids to aid and fuel recovery! In some cases you can continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours AFTER your workout! 

It builds muscle effectively!

HIIT boosts HGH (Human growth Hormone) levels. Human growth hormone is responsible for so many elements of our body including the ageing process, kidney function, bone strength, your immune system health, fat loss and lean muscle growth to name but a few. To find out more about HGH and its link with HIIT you can check out this article here. This is one of the main reasons why HIIT is so effective at building muscle and we don’t have the muscle loss experienced with extreme dieting or other means of exercise. 

It keeps your heart Healthy!

Exercise is always going to aid our overall health – you know the term “its better to do something than nothing” but with HIIT it asks and demands more of your body. Specifically your aerobic and anaerobic endurance this in turn works towards improving your heart health. Combine this with the improved Mitochondrial growth seen with HIIT and quickly begin to understand why we love it SO MUCH. 

And soooo many more reasons...

I could honestly go on and on about HIIT and the benefits of it. In a world where we are constantly overwhelmed, over worked and over stressed it offers a mental escape, a physical push and a  positivity reward like nothing else. As I have previously written one of my main reasons for turning to HIIT was to help manage my anxiety (you can read more here). I have also found it has made me feel confident and stronger than any other form of exercise. 


If you have never tried HIIT but want to learn more why not join us for one month (£6.99) and introduce your body and mind to this world. 


Trust me you won’t regret it. 

Laura x

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Why choose HIIT?

So what are the benefits for HIIT and why should you choose to add it to your exercise regime? It is rapid

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