Five Days of Workouts – to kick-start your summer workout regime… 

All you have to do is commit 20 minutes a day Monday – Friday for ONE week. Are you ready for the challenge? 

Join me from Monday 20th May 2019…

Welcome and hello!! 

I am so excited that you have decided to take part in this challenge – you will not regret it! (I promise if you push to do every day you will feel amazing by Friday!!). 

I have also go the macro guide that you can grab here Calculating your ideal macros will mean that whilst completing the HIIT workouts over the five days you can also smash your food too!! 

I look forward to training with you!! 

See you on the 20th! 


Laura x

What will I need to take part?


Something comfortable to workout in everyday

Your phone

We stream live through Facebook everyday AND all workouts are available on record too!


We are doing body weight everyday. Now if you want a tougher workout you can add weights but they are optional.


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