It's time for the #Septembershred

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen. 


9th - 13th September

I know exercise isn't the easiest thing to do...

This challenge though is different. You don’t focus on the motivation – you focus on your determination. 

Take FIVE DAYS to…

Make TIME for you…  Work towards your weight-loss goals… Build your confidence… Build your self-esteem… Understand your food…

And of course…Join the best community EVER!

This challenge will allow you to fit exercise into your life simply and effectively. It will give you a kick-start now the kids are back at school…

Make some time to focus on your goals for the end of this year – soon it will be time to set those New Years Resolutions all over again!!! 



Over five days the start of the September shred gives you a kick start to making time for you again.


No need to leave the house - these workouts are made for you to do at home. You can even do them on the go!


This is about getting your brain back into gear. The holidays are over - routine is back - start making time for you!

Your well-being

We all want to feel more confident. The September shred is a controlled month - starting with the challenge. Most importantly it is a time to get YOU back on track.

up your training

The September shred can also include equipment. That means you can scale your training AND your results.

inside health

We focus on your outside results but in this month it is a detox of your insides too. Stricter food but great results and all-round feeling.


Welcome to At Home HIIT. My name is Laura, I am the creator of the programme and your trainer. 

I love fitness but I have often found it difficult to make time for. Difficult to not make excuses and difficult to keep up with the latest “diet” trends. 

I created At Home HIIT to, quite simply, help friends get fit.  I started with friends I knew who joined my very first challenge. Then I started to get members I didn’t know who quickly became friends. We grew to an awesome AT HOME HIIT family who support each other everyday. We are just a whats app or Facebook message away with a listening ear OR a stern “put down the big bag of biscuits” word…

The September shred is there to welcome you and introduce you to the community. It is also there to help you make the first steps in putting YOURSELF FIRST

Set a goal. Work Hard. Make it happen. 

At Home HIIT isn’t just about Motivation – it is about dedication…



How much is the challenge?

The challenge is FREE to take part in. No charges. No sign ups. Just Five days of workouts. 

How do I find the workouts?

The workouts are all in the September Shred Facebook Group. You can catch them anytime! 

Do I have to do them Live?

All workouts remain on record after the Five Day Challenge BUT if you commit to the LIVE workouts you are 75% more likely to finish the week! 

What should I wear?

Comfortable workout clothes and good trainers. If you struggle with impact you can take any jumps out of the workouts and build up to it. 

What about the food?

Your will receive your FIVE DAY FOOD plan when you sign up. This is a stricter plan than usual BUT you will see the results if you stick to it. Much quicker. 

What happens after the challenge?

You will have the option to sign up to the FULL September Shred and really see a difference in your fitness level. Further details on this will be released during the week. 

SIGN UP!!!! #Septembershred

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen. 

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