At Home HIIT

At Home HIIT Challenge Upgrade

At Home HIIT Challenge Upgrade

Welcome to At Home HIIT Workouts THE CHALLENGE!! 




Here is where you can select the membership that is right for you!

Maybe you are looking to add a quick fitness challenge to add your exercise regime and give you a focused boost…after this….

Maybe you smashed the challenge and are now looking to join our daily classes?

When you have completed the challenge you can log onto your membership and click “Upgrade” – become a full At Home HIIT member!

At Home HIIT offers you convenient and intense workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere.

The community offers you support and accountability. We don’t want you to feel alone on this journey.

I look forward to training with you – set your goals and lets smash them together.

Laura x

£9.99 for access until December 30, 2021
Welcome to the challenge!
Train at your own pace
Fit the workouts in every day
Build up your fitness slowly
Be part of a supportive community
Learn about HIIT and all of its benefits
10 days of exercise for just £5.00
At Home HIIT VIP Membership
£9.99 / Month
VIP Class membership
Live fitness classes Monday - Friday 
Access to over 300 recorded workouts
Daily motivation
A supportive fitness community
Nutrition Plans and resources 
Community whats app group
Online Fitness hub workouts 

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