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We know how important exercise is for our health… However that is only ONE part of it – What is the other? 
You guessed it…FOOD!! So how do you eat what you want and still lose weight? The answer is Macronutrients. Remember learning food groups in school? Well, that is basically Macronutrients. Food types that are key to our diet and health (three specifically) that allow you to eat well and maintain a healthy weight – but more about the details later.  
Firstly we need to understand what your body needs. Below is my Macro calculator. You simply input the details and then you get your ideal daily calorie intake and the optimum amount of each macronutrient for your body.
I am then going to offer you a FULL explanation – in the form of a free guide.
So are you ready to lose weight and still enjoy your food?
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Input your details below. These details are ONLY used by you on this form and not by myself of anyone else. 

The results are by the formula calculations and should be used as a guide. Use of them to assist with weight loss is at your own risk. 


So now to understand what all of those numbers mean…

Simply download my FREE GUIDE below and have a read. 

The best part? It also comes with a shopping list!! Time to make food fun! 

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