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Welcome to “At Home HIIT”.

My name is Laura (that’s me there ->) and I am the enthusiastic blonde behind “At Home HIIT”. 

The idea of “At Home HIIT” is to offer you a 15 – 25 minute effective workout once a day LIVE. What makes this different you ask? Well unlike other sites I do them all through our social media community – that means you are able to do a live online class with me five days a week!

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I know what you’re thinking….


HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) is a workout programme that revolves around short bursts of high level full body exercises teamed with short rest periods. 
It is there to build your cardio vascular endurance and the best part you can do it with no equipment! 
What I love most about HIIT is that it is quick and effective – it doesn’t take up your whole day!

Plus it: 

  • Burns serious calories and fat
  • Boosts your metabolism 
  • Improves your overall fitness 
  • It’s ALWAYS challenging. 
  • and is a really effective use of energy! 

Why choose At Home HIIT?


Five live workout classes a week - join me on Facebook.


Meet the amazing and supportive community who are there to keep you accountable and offer their support.


As part of your membership you have nutritional advice, recipes and plans to help you feel as confident and possible.

Mental Health

Exercise has such a brilliant effect on our mental health and I have experienced this first hand. Taking some time out to focus is a great way to destress and boost your energy.

Improve endurance

Maybe you cycle? Maybe you run? HIIT can offer your great improvements to all aspects of your fitness - so training for a 10k? Join us!


It's all in the name... No need for hefty gym fees, gym guilt, child-care or petrol costs with At Home HIIT 😉

What our members say....

What to expect?

20 minute Workouts

Each of the live workouts lasts for between 10 – 20 minutes in total. Everyone has this much time in their day #noexcuses


Every Tuesday we have the amazing Melody Dean hosting a live pilates class. Like all of our classes these stay up on the members hub for you to do at anytime during your week! You can learn more about Melody by clicking the link here.


The AHH community are an amazing and supportive group of people. Everyone has a common goal and wants to help you to achieve yours!  

choose your plan

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.




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One live workout a week



Free Community Access

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Five Live Workouts a week

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Free Community Access

Paid Community access

Five live workouts a week

Online members hub accesss

Nutrition advice and plans

  • laura@athomehiit.com
  • Bristol UK, All workouts are broadcast live 6.30am GMT


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